Pregnancy By Trimester-1st 1wk- 14wks

Hi friends, as I had shared in the introduction of my blog I am happily expecting a baby which is soon to come. (Hence on why I haven’t updated new blogs lately.)

Nevertheless, I wanted to share a few things I’ve learned since the beginning of my pregnancy that might help you, new mommy’s out there.

So of course, every woman is different and might have more or less any of the symptoms I had, but most women will definitely go through something like it or very similar. Yet, is never a bad idea to be well informed.

So let’s begin!

fullsizeoutput_acf First Trimester

In this picture I was very close to 12 weeks pregnant. As you can see I was showing off my little belly which at the time was so easy to hide, yet there were other things I could not hide , such as my Symptoms!

Let me go in order of worst to light symptoms…

The worse one was Smells! Boy I hate it smells, starting with my husbands and ending in me. I could not bare to smell anything or anyone. Everything smelled disgusting, specially colones or perfumes or any scented thing. Now, this is coming from a person who loves having smells in the house and the more the merrier but  at that time I could not bare any smells.. This was of course the work of hormones…  When it came to food it was the same issue, I hate it smelling the food, it smelled too strong. Its amazing how are senses are enhanced to unbelievable measures that the smallest smell or odor will give us a reaction, most likely to puke.
Yes I said it! The is the second strongest worst symptom, Nauseas and throwing up, I could not even brush my teeth comfortably without gaging or throwing up. I could not hold anything in, it was mortifying every time that I thought of showering because the humidity would make me nauseas and I usually brush my teeth in the shower.. boy that was a uneasy. I dreaded showering every morning. Yet slowly went away..

Another strong symptoms was tiredness, I was tired and sleepy all the time, of course, your body is too busy creating another little human  that is using up all your energy and strength. Before I got pregnant I was working at two jobs all day and then going to the gym afterwards and I still had some energy at the end of the day to cook or clean,  once pregnant that was impossible. I was struggling through the first shift and eventually had to quit the second job because I could not do it. I was falling asleep everywhere, and when I say everywhere I MEAN IT! It was as I couldn’t control my body, my body was controlling me. Now when you hit your third trimester you will be hit with an avalanche of tiredness again but it will be a different one, I’ll explain it when we get there, as for now, in the first trimester, you will feel tired and sleepy but sleeping will not be an issue so try to rest as mush as you can. You’re body is wise and if its asking for sleep, please do so. Don’t push your body too much as its caring for this new life inside of you.

Another symptom is the foggy memory.  This symptom is one that starts in the first trimester and most likely will stay permanently or so I’ve heard. Before i was pregnant I was never a forgetful person, yet I’ve always been very organized. Now all of  a sudden I feel like someone has changed my brain. I have such a hard time remembering things, where I’ve placed them, peoples faces or to do’s. I see my self writing absolutely everything I got to do, otherwise I will not get it done. This is what’s called “prego brain” It was hilarious to read that it is an actual condition, so be prepared.

Another change in my first trimester was my body. It was starting to expand and grow from everywhere. This was very hard for me since I’ve always been afraid of growing too big or gaining weight and seeing how my breast were getting enlarged and my abdomen as well was growing and stretching, it was quite frightening. I am still pregnant and I am amazed at how many changes my body has gone through in such a short time, yet it is something that you must adapt emotionally and psychologically. It takes time, no wonder we are pregnant for nine months..  and the one thing that made it worth it was knowing that i was growing bigger to let my baby grow as well. Her health is more important than my looks, so I embraced the new size with a positive mind set but also remember that there is no reason why you should stay big after delivery. If you have a great routine and go back to a healthy diet (which you should already be in one for your little one) and start exercising, there is no reason why you shouldn’t shrink back to your old weight pre pregnancy.

As you can see, there are many changes that occur in the first trimester (which includes your first two months of pregnancy) yet it is an exciting adventure, specially because it is only the beginning of the journey.  This were some of the symptoms I could remember…




Stay tuned until I bring the second part, the best part of the pregnancy, the SECOND TRIMESTER!



Although I am separating the trimesters here in my blog, I recently made a video where I touched basis of the whole pregnancy in one whole video. The reason why I did this, is because I didn’t want to make a short video for each trimester. It was best to do just one.


Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy it! Pregnancy By Trimester-1st 1wk- 14wks


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