Pregnancy Second Trimester 15-26 weeks

Hi friends!

So lets begin with the Second trimester of my amazing pregnancy. I should disclaim that everything I am sharing is simply my experience and that every women’s pregnancy is usually different. Although we may share a few things in common, we all have our own unique pregnancies to remember.

So in my second trimester which goes from 14 weeks to 26 six weeks many things kept changing. For once, I found out my baby’s gender at 20 weeks.  Yay for that! 🙂

My husband (fiancé at the time ) and I found out we were having a baby girl and oh MY we were exited!

But the pregnancy kept progressing and though most of my symptoms from my first trimester disappear, new ones came about.

I no longer had gaging and smells were not bothering me anymore, but my body ache started  to increase and I was slowly starting to take short trips to the bathroom at night time. It was nothing major at the beginning. Plus I started to feel my baby move often so it didn’t bothered me.

One great positive thing that happened to me is, that my skin cleared up a ton!!! I mean, lots! I have suffered with acne for most of my life and nothing has helped me clear up my skin until my baby came about and shifted all my hormones, literally!

I have seen a great improvement and I am hoping it’s stays the same once she is born.

Something else that happened in my second trimester was a sudden increase of energy for a short period of time, must have been days at most. In those days I made sure to take advantage and made some serious shopping and prepared her nursery. I also made the drastic decision to marry my fiancĂ© and take a mini Honeymoon/babymoon to the beach before I was too big.  I am so glad we did it! IMG_0793



In the second trimester is when you really start to show, and honestly is the best part of the pregnancy.


Another major preparation we did was our baby shower.. which was a unforgettable event! But as you can imagine… weeks keep going by and you start hitting your third and last trimester. One thing I should say is, read and educate your self as much as possible… specially in your second trimester where the baby is not near to delivery. This will give you time to take classes about birth and breastfeeding which are the biggest topics. Also read in regards to postpartum. It will prepare you better.

Now.. lets continue into the last trimester.









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