Pregnancy-Third Trimester

Hi Friends,

Here is finally the last trimester to your beloved pregnancy. By now I am sure you are more than ready to meet your little bundle of joy, though you want to see what she or he looks like, it is also to relieve some of the symptoms you are, have been, or will be experiencing.

I managed to remember some of them:

One of them that definitely is a keeper in my memory is Body Ache and Tiredness. The reason why this symptom was one that stood out for me, was because pre-pregnancy I was a very active person. I loved sports, swimming, exercising regularly and during my first and second trimester I managed to stay active, not much, but at least walks in the evenings or home exercise… Nevertheless, the last trimester was definitely a challenge for me, since I had no energy at all. All I wanted to do was rest  either in my bed or in the couch. On top of that I had a caring husband who wanted me to be home and rest for the baby’s sake so I did embrace the “Resting” quite a bit. But of course it is understandable since your last month your baby gains a whole lot of weight that will have a toll on your back and legs. Which leads me to the second symptom: Swelling! You got it, this month you will feel bloated and it’s not that you’re fat or the fact that you have a huge belly in front of you, not at all.. its all the swelling you got going on in your hands, face and legs. I remember my rings didn’t fit and thank god it was summer so I could wear open sandals because nothing was fitting. my pregnancy pants were also getting tight.. lets just say.. i was “ready to pop”.

The next symptom was loosing your appetite and that one stays even after delivery. Because your stomach is all stretched out like a long sock, not only you have a lot of heart burn and reflux but you eat so little. I completely lost my appetite which helped because I was not gaining more pounds than the ones I had already gained. So enjoy the eating in the second trimester cuz the last one.. is gone.

Another thing you should be in the look out in your last trimester is not necessarily a symptom but definitely identifies itself more… and this is stretch marks.  Of course by now you should have already been buttering up your stomach throughout the whole first and second trimester but the last month is when your stomach is doing its last stretches to accommodate your baby size. You will not notice it, since you are already too big to see some parts of your body, but let me tell you.. you will most certainly see it once everything goes back to its normal size.  So continue to rigorously moisturize your belly two to three times a day. Although I do not have any  stretch marks in my belly I did see a few on my hips… and duh! I didn’t know I had to moisturize that area too.. so when you are buttering up, put that lotion or oil.. or whatever you are using EVERYWHERE! I mean legs, butt, hips, belly, breast,.. if you must, go even up to your neck and down to your feet. You will thank me later 😉

Another symptom that occurs during the last trimester and this is specifically for new moms.. is Delivery/ Labor Anxiety. I remember how many nights I couldn’t sleep.. on top of not been able to find a good position in bed, because my belly was just too big, it was also because I kept imagining how my delivery was going to happen.. then again.. I had no clue. I can’t tell you  how many videos I must have watched on deliveries, vaginal and C-section. I wanted to be so informed so nothing could be left out to the unknown… but this was not helping. I realized I had developed so much anxiety that I was afraid to go in labor.  With this said, I do encourage you to be well informed and prepared, but don’t over do it, the reason why it’s because at the end of the day, your delivery will be nothing like you imagined. I will share my story in a future blog but as for now, this are the symptoms that will stand out in your last trimester. I wish you the very best if you are soon to be a mom!

This was me at 39 wks. officially 9 months!

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