Hi everyone!

I am delighted to share with all of you the arrival of my first born Talina!

She was a healthy 9 month old baby, she came exactly when I predicted and weight 7 1/2 pounds and was 19 inches long. My delivery was great I can’t complain it was smooth and although I did feel the first contractions at home and they got progressively worst by the minute, it all got better once they gave me the epidural, but don’t let me spoil the story, let me tell you how my delivery journey was.

So I was already past due dates and into my 41 weeks. I had my appointment for an induction date and it was supposed to be the very last week of August 30th. On the 41 weeks I knew I was gonna have her that week counting the dates when i got pregnant (which by the way I know the exact date to be precise- ha!) either way, I go into labor on Wednesday night, but I didn’t know yet. That night I was restless and very anxious, my belly had seriously dropped and I was starting to feel extra uncomfortable and noticed that I was taking trips to the bathroom every few minutes. At some point I got a little worried but I had similar symptoms previously for about a month so I wasn’t too alarm.

Everything changed when that night during my regular pee trips I noticed that I started bleeding. I was also expecting that but with every trip to the bathroom more blood was coming out and It was slowly getting more painful to walk and to even stand. Nevertheless I didn’t want to alarm my husband who was pleasantly sleeping while I was in contractions.  Either way, I got really scared when I had a sharp pain around 4 am on Thursday August 24th. I mean it was intense! I knew then I was in Labor, because my mom’s voice in the distant kept repeating ” You’ll know what  a contraction is when you feel it” Oh I felt it!
So afterwards, I got ready for the hospital and so did my husband. He was half asleep and doubtful that I was having the baby since I had made this scene before.. But I knew in my heart she was coming. We got to the hospital and I was in so much pain, my contractions were not spares anymore. they were getting closer and closer and way more stronger. I waited until they had a room for me, I must have waited like three hours but it felt like an eternity. I was screaming of pain, I think they finally believed me, that they got the first person available to put me the epidural in the triage room, now that I look back it was quite funny. Nevertheless, they transferred me to the room in an hour or so after the epidural and it felt so good. I had no more pain and I was feeling so sleepy, it was one of the best naps I have ever taken in  my life.

After that, it was pleasant waiting for my body to dilate since I was only at 2cm.

They gave me meds to speed up the process and my body reacted quite good, that same day around 5pm I was fully dilated and I started feeling the contractions again. I also felt a pressure down there, it was so intense that I was involuntarily  pushing. My baby was coming super fast. So fast that one of the nurses checked to see if I was fully dallied and within five minutes two other nurses were ready and the doctor was rushing in to deliver my baby. I started pushing close to 5:30pm and and by 5:47pm my baby was out. She came out with no problems what so ever, she was a beautiful baby girl.

And every since it has been pure love! I will attach a couple of pictures so you guys can meet her.

Hopefully in the future I can upload more videos about mommy stuff.

Thank you again for tuning in! Until next time.

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