How to Treat a baby rash

Hello Mommy’s out there!


So this post is aim more towards new mom’s who are freaking out because they see their baby might be developing a rash and don’t know what to do. I know for one that it’s scary but don’t  be alarmed.

As I suggested in my video, which the link is up at the top is two products that will save you! X5iRMEM+QDqYXJgtmegw8w

They are Organic Coconut Oil and Vaseline.
When I researched, everywhere it mentioned the same thing, and it was to keep it minimal, because you don’t want to irritate that part of the baby’s skin even more than what it already is.
The best thing is to put something that is completely organic and will help the rash heal faster.
The Coconut Oil acted as a barrier between her skin, the moist from her pee and the diaper.

Which was awesome!

Another tip is to leave the baby air dry and without a diaper for long periods of time. The more time her bum is out in fresh air the faster the redness and irritation will go away. Lastly, the major tip to get rid of the rash and to prevent future rashes is to constantly/frequently change the baby’s diaper after she pees and poops. When they are frequently changed their buttons remain dry.


I hope this information helps!
Until next time 🙂

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