Managing Time

Managing Time

Hello Friends!

I am thrilled to bring a little blog talking about something that although eats up my time, it also makes me proud. As mentioned in my video, which if you haven’t watched I Suggest you do… 😉 I am currently enrolled in full time school, on top of working almost a full time and being a mom/wife all at the same time.

How is it possible? The answer is managing time! Timing everything and doing to-do list and closely monitoring what you’ve done throughout the day definitely helps.

I have a strict schedule I have to follow every day, because my work hours are already set, I have to work around that and the time I spend with my daughter to study. Evenings are the best for me!

I love to put her to be and take the rest of the night for me go over my studies and feel much more accomplished.

Doing this type of schedule is not completely ideal since it will burnt you out at some point but if there is no other choice, its definitely doable.

I hope this short blog helps all the mom’s out there that are struggling to manage their time trying to achieve multiple things at the same time. Cheers for you!


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