Best and Worst of Being a mom

Hello Mommy’s!

I am so glad you’re here reading this blog as its usually more extensive and thorough than the video I posted on Youtube. I know we all love our children very much, but it would be a lie if we didn’t acknowledged the fact that at times, its quite difficult to keep it together. I know that happens to me, more frequent than I’d like it.

There are several reasons why this may happen and though we treasure our little munchkins, they are hard work, who are we kidding, they are our Bosses for the first eh.. 18 YEARS?  Ha! I hope NOT!

fullsizeoutput_16f8Going back to topic.. for me one of the best rewards of being a mom has been the privilege the see her grow. To be there for every first word, her very first crawl, her lovely smile and her many mama calls out. She is my little treasure and I am SURE your kid is yours. But they are HARD WORK! Let  me tell ya, at least mine is.

She has so much energy that I am left at the end of the day with barely any energy and about to pass out on my couch. She loves to interact with people, to move around the house and touch just about anything that is to her reach ( and even if it’s not, she’ll make it reach her, hehe)

I never experience so much tiredness and lack of energy before **( my single, before mom days). I was usually very active and though I exercise I still feel tired most of the time.  Another negative  thing about being a mom is that I miss the days of freedom, my goodness it feels good to remember because they are long gone.

I used to be a very free spirit person and go with the flow, kinda the girl that wherever the wind took me, I went. Nowadays, that wind doesn’t come around my door, and its quite okay. I have my hands full with my little one who requires my full attention at all times, except if she’s sleeping. uff, thank goodness for sleeping time. ha!

Either way, I know its hard and those good old days are not coming back, but I am happy to let go of those times since I was gifted with a joyful child.

For you mom’s out there, I know it gets hard sometimes when daddy isn’t around or he is working to provide for the family. When in-laws get in the way of you raising your child, when budget is tight and you can’t stretch it more.. I know those days very well.. but you’re not alone. Most mom’s including your mom and mine went through the same thing at some point and they managed to raise us. We are strong creatures and we have the strength to move forward, to carry our weight, our children’s and sometimes even more.

Lets cheer for the extraordinary moms out there that are doing their very BEST! We deserve it.


Until next time.


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