Baby Essentials

Hello mommy’s!

I am so happy to announce the beginning or another channel in YouTube where it will focus on mom topics that I believe will benefit many of you moms out there.

I started off with something I personally had a struggle at the very beginning of my pregnancy and that was … what does a baby need ? It’s a real struggle for moms out there because when is your first you really don’t know what a baby needs in their first few days or months of life’s.

So here are the item essentials listed

First thing :CRIB

This is an IKEA crib that although it was gifted to us, the actual price is very affordable. IKEA crib It’s so convenient as later we will be able to open one side and my daughter will have an open bed.

Second: Diaper

Among many brands that I’ve tried in this journey of finding the best diapers at the best price, hands down I give it to Babyganics It has super good absorption which means your baby bum is going to be dry hence rash will be minimal to none. Isn’t that awesome ? Ingredients are very safe and natural, elasticity around the the waist is also flexible which your baby will be comfortable. On top of being a high quality product, is very affordable and much more when you sign up in Amazon for “subscribe &save” program where the more you subscribe to the more savings you get over time.

Overall I highly recommend this product.

Third: Nose Mist

This is a very handy product to have always, specially when your child is still very small.

I remember using it more often on dry months since their little mucus will stick to their nose and only the mist will help to get it out faster and painless. It’s also very affordable and easy to find in any drugstore.

Another two items that are necessary and are also easy to find in pharmacies are :

Fourth : Baby body wash/Shampoo and Body lotion

SheaMoisture Mommy & Me Kit - image 1 of 3

This set is very hydrating and soft on the skin. It is also very affordable and ingredients are amazing for the baby’s delicate skin. I’ve tried many but I keep coming back to this one… give it a try and see how your baby’s skin reacts.

The other drugstore item is…

Fifth: Baby Nail clippers and 1st kit

Safety 1st® Deluxe Healthcare & Grooming Kit - Pink - image 2 of 5

Safety 1st® Deluxe Healthcare & Grooming Kit - Pink - image 3 of 5

This items are a must for a new mommy as you will be using most of them on a daily basis and the last item mentioned in my video was clothing specifically body suits.

Sixth: Baby Clothing (body suits for comfort)

Image result for baby bodysuits

Image result for baby bodysuitsImage result for baby bodysuits

As you can see there are tons of options to everyones taste so enjoy on your journey of parenting! 😊
Hopefully this tips help you!


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