5 Tips to have a healthy baby


My mommy’s out there!

I am delighted to bring you another video for you and your baby. I made it with much love and I hope its noticeably in the content as I treasure finding out what my baby needs in order to grow healthy.

I came up with 5 tips that I noticed made a drastic difference once they were all incorporated. I am so thankful to have such a healthy baby regardless of this tips, but having them in place has helped my family be more aware of my daughter’s growth.

1.  Giving her a Good Routine

This one is essential as she is growing so much and a routine gives her structure. She needs to know what to expect from her day and have an idea of what she’s supposed to do. She knows she will have her breakfast at the same time, she will have her regular naps at the same time and always in her crib and that in between those times there will be games, outdoor activities and so on. This makes her want to look forward to the next thing in her schedule. She has strive and continues to surprise me on how well she has picked up her routine, that I barely ever have an issue making her sleep or eat or take her naps. I suggest you start a routine so your little one feels more at ease while they grow.

2. Eating Healthy Foods

It is crucial that as they grow and you start incorporating foods in their routine they start with healthy foods. My daughter started off with small meals one at a time like, apples, bananas, oat meal for babies, etc. With her growing, I’ve added more and more nutrients in her meals like proteins found in grains, all sorts of vegetables, fruits and some important carbohydrates that has helped her develop a strong immune system. She has never gotten sick since she was born and looks and feels healthy, and as a mom thats the most important thing for me. I am sure it is for you too!

3. Need to learn to Socialize

As they grow is important that they interact with others and preferably family and close friends as this will help them develop their social skills and became more agreeable to others. Some children when they are isolated they don’t develop such skills and will have a harder time later adapting to others when they are forced to go to pre-k or school . To help your child’s development is necessary that you speak to them as if they were adults. Have regular conversations and laughs and dialogues with them.

4. Get familiar with Affection

I strongly believe that when a child is raised with affection and grows seeing their parents show affection to each other and others, this individual will be much outspoken and comfortable in social environments. I make an effort to give my child as much affection as I can so she sees is a positive attribute. I want her to be affectionate too so we are currently teaching her to kiss, to hug and show love when she feels like it.

5. Create Good Habits

As I mentioned in the video, I love walking in the morning and starting my day right with no technology. Sometimes I mediate or exercise or all of it, and I want to help my daughter get into those habits as I’ve seen how beneficial they are. For that, I take her sometimes on my walks and we get to see the outdoors together, hear the birds and feel the nice breeze. This helps her start with a very positive mind set and enjoy her day better. I also take her to the pool or parks and let her enjoy your time which i know for a child is super important. At night I will make sure to read her one or two small children books before she goes to bed in hopes that when she gets older she loves doing it on her own.

This are all the tips I have in order to give your child the best start in their journey in Life.

Hope you enjoy them and until next time 😉

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