9 Tips to Travel Internationally with a Toddler

Hello Friends!

Welcome back! I am so sorry I haven’t posted anything in the last month, but I have good reasons for my absence.

As I explained in my video, I was traveling to see my family whom met my daughter for the first time. They were as excited as I was and didn’t want to loose a minute together. However, I am home now and able to continue my post.  So here is the list of things I gathered while traveling with my little one.

She was definitely a hands full and at times it was very overwhelming while we traveled, nonetheless it was a great experience.

So lets begin!

  1. Travel LIGHTLY – Depending on how far is your travel, try to take the least amount of clothes/ snacks or food/ or any other accessory in your carry on. You don’t want to be carrying unnecessary bags with limited space and an extra person to care for.
  2. Have all your documents handy where has easy access and is reachable.
  3. When it comes to food, only pack snacks that you know your child loves and will eat. DO NOT  experiment with new food when traveling abroad. Take the least amount of liquid, and if you must bring milk to the flight, do cardboard milk or powder. In the flight most airlines provide juice, and water. So you may be able to make  your formula once in the airplane.
  4. Bring TONS of toys, specially digital ones. Download games and their favorite tv shows * A LOT* to keep them entertain to your iPad. or Electronic Devices. This will be so handy later. Trust me 😉
  5. Take Over night Flights as the child will sleep throughout the night. Over night flights are a must, I think, because kids will sleep no matter what when they are tired and naturally their body will force them to sleep at night, so just make sure you have the next few things to help them sleep smoothly.
  6. Bring them blankets, and a small baby pillow *It will help their necks and help them sleep better.
  7. If possible, move to business class to have more room, if not, after the airplane has taken off and its safe to move around, look for empty seats in the back and move there, so your child may have two chairs to rest on, the crew wont mind at all.😁
  8. If the flight is full and there is no space to move around try to befriend your neighbors so they distract the baby and even might help you out, but most people understand.😊
  9. If your child gets agitated and wants to move 👉🏼 walk 🚶🏼‍♀️🕺🏼💃🏻, the isles are all yours if its at night time, and throught the day, still walk.

These are all my tips! I hope you found them helpful.

Until next time!

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