9 Tips to Travel Internationally with a Toddler

Hello Friends!

Welcome back! I am so sorry I haven’t posted anything in the last month, but I have good reasons for my absence.

As I explained in my video, I was traveling to see my family whom met my daughter for the first time. They were as excited as I was and didn’t want to loose a minute together. However, I am home now and able to continue my post.  So here is the list of things I gathered while traveling with my little one.

She was definitely a hands full and at times it was very overwhelming while we traveled, nonetheless it was a great experience.

So lets begin!

  1. Travel LIGHTLY – Depending on how far is your travel, try to take the least amount of clothes/ snacks or food/ or any other accessory in your carry on. You don’t want to be carrying unnecessary bags with limited space and an extra person to care for.
  2. Have all your documents handy where has easy access and is reachable.
  3. When it comes to food, only pack snacks that you know your child loves and will eat. DO NOT  experiment with new food when traveling abroad. Take the least amount of liquid, and if you must bring milk to the flight, do cardboard milk or powder. In the flight most airlines provide juice, and water. So you may be able to make  your formula once in the airplane.
  4. Bring TONS of toys, specially digital ones. Download games and their favorite tv shows * A LOT* to keep them entertain to your iPad. or Electronic Devices. This will be so handy later. Trust me 😉
  5. Take Over night Flights as the child will sleep throughout the night. Over night flights are a must, I think, because kids will sleep no matter what when they are tired and naturally their body will force them to sleep at night, so just make sure you have the next few things to help them sleep smoothly.
  6. Bring them blankets, and a small baby pillow *It will help their necks and help them sleep better.
  7. If possible, move to business class to have more room, if not, after the airplane has taken off and its safe to move around, look for empty seats in the back and move there, so your child may have two chairs to rest on, the crew wont mind at all.😁
  8. If the flight is full and there is no space to move around try to befriend your neighbors so they distract the baby and even might help you out, but most people understand.😊
  9. If your child gets agitated and wants to move 👉🏼 walk 🚶🏼‍♀️🕺🏼💃🏻, the isles are all yours if its at night time, and throught the day, still walk.

These are all my tips! I hope you found them helpful.

Until next time!

Meaning behind a thought

So, I’m sitting in front of a computer reluctant to write this post as it doesn’t go with any of my normal content 🙄 however I feel an urge to share my thoughts 💭 💆🏻‍♀️

So, as you can guess already, the topic is the “meaning behind a thought”. As most of us, we are bombarded with thoughts all day every day. We think about our day, our past, our future, sometimes our thoughts are the most insignificant things like, what nail polish I’m going to choose when I go to the nail salon today? to the deepest and unfathomed thoughts, such as, Am I happy? What do I want from life ? Where am I going in life?

Those thoughts are all powerful and extremely influential on our long term life.

I didn’t think it was .. but let me explain.

Recently I begun reading a book that was recommended by a friend called “Secret” which I’m sure most of you are or might be aware of this book. It states that the power of all things is our thoughts.. the secret of attraction; when you want something, keep thinking and that powerful energy turns it into reality.

Quite frankly I was very skeptical when I begun reading it, as it sounded too good to be true.. until!

I really focused on my past and what I had sought for and realized my current “present” was the thoughts I had in my past.. sounds bizarre, but it’s the truth. I’ll break it down so you can see for yourself.

I had divorced back in 2016 and lived in a tiny apartment down town Allentown, PA, Not the nicest or safest place for a single young female, however, that’s all I could afford. It was that.. or the streets. Of course I took the apartment. It was quite scary as my whole building had

” pot heads” no kidding… and fishy turbulent transactions which I don’t even want to remember.

In all that living situation plus a very lonely lifestyle I kept craving for a family. Nonetheless I knew I couldn’t bring back my parents and my brother back to PA and be this happy family again as they were all living their own lives and so was I. So I craved for MY OWN family. I was ready to start it, but how? At the time I felt it was impossible( fresh out of a divorce and with no real prospects).

But my mind kept wishing and thinking and wanting badly a good husband and children. I used to see people in the stores or parks and everyone had their families and I felt that’s what I needed to be fulfill. Forwarding two years later that’s exactly what I have. A loving husband and a beautiful daughter! Finally! But how did I manage to get it ? I wouldn’t say it was supposed to happen as I was pretty scarred and didn’t want anything to do with serious relationships let alone marriage.

But although my daughter was an unplanned gift, she was the motive to seal the deal and marry. Although I loved my husband I was never going to marry him had I not been pregnant, not because I didn’t love him, but because I was too afraid to commit.

My little gift was the strength I needed to commit which led me to my family.

I think with its ups and downs by far was one of the best decisions I’ve taken… and it all came from a thought👉🏼” I want a family too”!

My gift 🎁 my 💭 thoughts my desires 💕
My family 💖👨‍👩‍👧

So yes, I am a strong believer in thoughts.. what you think is what you want – and what you want is what you get… but you have to want it badly in order to get it. You must order in your thoughts your desires and the energy in the universe will work it out to bring you that.

Think good things. Wish big things and let them come, then just enjoy ☺️✨☀️ because after all you deserve it 😉.

Au Naturale Foundation Stick Review

Au Naturale Foundation Review


Hello there!

So I’m back with another review, this time is from the green beauty world.

It is the Au Naturale Stick foundation!

To be honest, I really had high hopes on this foundation as it claimed to be medium coverage and very smooth on skin. Also, when is a stick foundation, its usually thicker in consistency so it lasts longer. However, that was not the case with this foundation. Its longevity was super short only working for my skin for about 4 to 6 hours max. It was very transferable and sticky. It never set on my skin so it was moving around. The color didn’t match at all and on top of that, the packaging was terrible. I feel I got a really bad foundation from amazon and that the real one is out there waiting for me on the Au naturale website. hehe. 🤣

Anyhow, I gave a more thorough review and a first impression on my youtube channel so if you wanna see it and also see the before and after of what the foundation cover come and check it out. Link is above.


Thank you guys for tuning in and reading my short blog.


Until next time


xoxox 😉💕

An Epiphany!

So, today was one of those days I woke up suddenly and realized I had an epiphany in my dreams. It was a realization of my most deepest thoughts on which I’ve been drowning for the last few days. I’ve been wanting to dig into my deepest desires, passions and thoughts in order to find my strongest point. I even jumped in Meditation in my conquer for self discovery leading to my …

Going back to my epiphany..

I had this dream in which i was been persecuted by this dark being, extremely powerful and evil. He wanted me and two other people that were also running away from him. At the time I didn’t understand what can I possibly have that this creature want from me as I’m only a ordinary human with no special talents or gifts. Yet I was running for my life because I, above all, I did love living, at least that was in my dream. We kept running away, me and those other two people and looked behind us as we ran towards a huge forgotten house. When we turned back to take a glimpse of what was left behind, there was nothing but darkness covering the city. But the darkness kept moving in waves from one side to another and was coming towards us. With no hesitation we continue without breath the run for our lives.

Although we ran to that forgotten rusty filthy house we had no clue why we needed to be there. I guess we thought we would be safe under a roof. We finally arrived and as we stepped inside the first floor I saw dozens of spider webs and house items all over the house. It was dark and cold, humid, it almost felt like death had come upon this house before we even stepped foot in there. However in our desperation for salvation we ran upstairs looking for a warm cozy spot to hide before the darkness killed us.

As I crossed to the second floor, I felt a deep strong presence of darkness looking at me. Coming at me… directly in my face and it felt as if there was no ceiling or stories of floors. I felt naked in front of this darkness and suddenly I froze. I was so afraid to move and kept hoping he hadn’t seen me. My heart started beating faster and faster, I started sweating profusely and my body started shivering. As it came closer I felt weaker and ready to pass out, permanently. The closer the weaker I was… my eyelids felt so heavy I could hardly keep them open, I said goodbye in my heart to my loved ones and gave up letting my body loose… when suddenly I felt warm and a light past through my closed eyes. It was so bright I couldn’t even open my eyes and I heard a soft gentle melody coming from the floor above. I saw my self in a third dimension where the darkness was kicked out of the house and desperately waiting for us outside, like a lion waiting for its pray anxiously. Yet I could only focus on that sound… I followed it and saw three bracelets in the floor, they were lighted by a light from above and the music was a soft harp sound. As we approach the room there was nothing but peace. The room decorated lightly but it seemed clean and renovated. I grabbed one of the bracelets and placed it in my wrist, it fit perfectly. It was made for me, and as it entered my wrist a saw a string light focus on my heart. Then it hit me. The bracelets were our hearts. All of a sudden everything disappeared. I was awake in my bed gasping for breath… and realized I was given back another opportunity..

The gift I have is my life, the fact that I can wake up every morning and pursue my dreams, my passions, my goals. I can look at a morning’s sunshine and see the colors around me…

I can see life!

5 Tips to have a healthy baby


My mommy’s out there!

I am delighted to bring you another video for you and your baby. I made it with much love and I hope its noticeably in the content as I treasure finding out what my baby needs in order to grow healthy.

I came up with 5 tips that I noticed made a drastic difference once they were all incorporated. I am so thankful to have such a healthy baby regardless of this tips, but having them in place has helped my family be more aware of my daughter’s growth.

1.  Giving her a Good Routine

This one is essential as she is growing so much and a routine gives her structure. She needs to know what to expect from her day and have an idea of what she’s supposed to do. She knows she will have her breakfast at the same time, she will have her regular naps at the same time and always in her crib and that in between those times there will be games, outdoor activities and so on. This makes her want to look forward to the next thing in her schedule. She has strive and continues to surprise me on how well she has picked up her routine, that I barely ever have an issue making her sleep or eat or take her naps. I suggest you start a routine so your little one feels more at ease while they grow.

2. Eating Healthy Foods

It is crucial that as they grow and you start incorporating foods in their routine they start with healthy foods. My daughter started off with small meals one at a time like, apples, bananas, oat meal for babies, etc. With her growing, I’ve added more and more nutrients in her meals like proteins found in grains, all sorts of vegetables, fruits and some important carbohydrates that has helped her develop a strong immune system. She has never gotten sick since she was born and looks and feels healthy, and as a mom thats the most important thing for me. I am sure it is for you too!

3. Need to learn to Socialize

As they grow is important that they interact with others and preferably family and close friends as this will help them develop their social skills and became more agreeable to others. Some children when they are isolated they don’t develop such skills and will have a harder time later adapting to others when they are forced to go to pre-k or school . To help your child’s development is necessary that you speak to them as if they were adults. Have regular conversations and laughs and dialogues with them.

4. Get familiar with Affection

I strongly believe that when a child is raised with affection and grows seeing their parents show affection to each other and others, this individual will be much outspoken and comfortable in social environments. I make an effort to give my child as much affection as I can so she sees is a positive attribute. I want her to be affectionate too so we are currently teaching her to kiss, to hug and show love when she feels like it.

5. Create Good Habits

As I mentioned in the video, I love walking in the morning and starting my day right with no technology. Sometimes I mediate or exercise or all of it, and I want to help my daughter get into those habits as I’ve seen how beneficial they are. For that, I take her sometimes on my walks and we get to see the outdoors together, hear the birds and feel the nice breeze. This helps her start with a very positive mind set and enjoy her day better. I also take her to the pool or parks and let her enjoy your time which i know for a child is super important. At night I will make sure to read her one or two small children books before she goes to bed in hopes that when she gets older she loves doing it on her own.

This are all the tips I have in order to give your child the best start in their journey in Life.

Hope you enjoy them and until next time 😉

Make P:rem Review




Image result for make p:rem moisturizer ingredientsHello and welcome to my Blog,

This review was one that was very well thought out as I personally wanted to share something I my self was in the hunt for when I was trying to purchase this moisturizer.

As explained in the video is a Korean brand that carries great ingredients for most skins.

I strongly believe that everyone who needs deep hydration must give this moisturizer a try.

The pros are as follows:

Extremely good in Hydration

It Has great ingredients that target aging, dryness, pores, etc.

It is sturdy (personally I love the packaging) 💕 and has a decent amount of product for only $30.00


The Cons are as Follows:

Wish it came in a pump so the product is not altered if spatula is lost

It can be too thick for daily use, so I can only use it at night

Thats about it!

I will add now the Ingredients :

Aspalathus Linearis Leaf Extract
brassica campestris (rapeseed) sterols
butylene glycol
c12-20 alkyl glucoside
c14-22 alcohols
Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
Ceramide NP
cetearyl alcohol
citric acid
disodium edta
disodium phosphate
Foeniculum Vulgare (Fennel) Leaf Extract
Fragrance (PARFUM)
glyceryl stearate
hyaluronic acid
hydrogenated lecithin
Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid
Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil
macadamia integrifolia seed oil
olea europaea (olive) fruit oil
peg-100 stearate
PEG-240/HDI Copolymer BIS-Decyltetradeceth-20 Ether
Peg-5 Rapeseed Sterol
Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil
Pinus Syl+L2 Flower Oil
polyglutamic acid
polyglyceryl-10 oleate
rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf oil
Rubus Arcticus Fruit Extract
sodium dilauramidoglutamide lysine
sodium hyaluronate
Sorbitan Stearate
stearic acid
Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Extract
Thymus Vulgaris (Thyme) Extract
tocopheryl acetate
xanthan gum


Long List…. eh ? 😁

I hope you give it a try and enjoy this deep hydration on those really dry days.

Until next time



Baby Essentials

Hello mommy’s!

I am so happy to announce the beginning or another channel in YouTube where it will focus on mom topics that I believe will benefit many of you moms out there.

I started off with something I personally had a struggle at the very beginning of my pregnancy and that was … what does a baby need ? It’s a real struggle for moms out there because when is your first you really don’t know what a baby needs in their first few days or months of life’s.

So here are the item essentials listed

First thing :CRIB

This is an IKEA crib that although it was gifted to us, the actual price is very affordable. IKEA crib It’s so convenient as later we will be able to open one side and my daughter will have an open bed.

Second: Diaper

Among many brands that I’ve tried in this journey of finding the best diapers at the best price, hands down I give it to Babyganics It has super good absorption which means your baby bum is going to be dry hence rash will be minimal to none. Isn’t that awesome ? Ingredients are very safe and natural, elasticity around the the waist is also flexible which your baby will be comfortable. On top of being a high quality product, is very affordable and much more when you sign up in Amazon for “subscribe &save” program where the more you subscribe to the more savings you get over time.

Overall I highly recommend this product.

Third: Nose Mist

This is a very handy product to have always, specially when your child is still very small.

I remember using it more often on dry months since their little mucus will stick to their nose and only the mist will help to get it out faster and painless. It’s also very affordable and easy to find in any drugstore.

Another two items that are necessary and are also easy to find in pharmacies are :

Fourth : Baby body wash/Shampoo and Body lotion

SheaMoisture Mommy & Me Kit - image 1 of 3

This set is very hydrating and soft on the skin. It is also very affordable and ingredients are amazing for the baby’s delicate skin. I’ve tried many but I keep coming back to this one… give it a try and see how your baby’s skin reacts.

The other drugstore item is…

Fifth: Baby Nail clippers and 1st kit

Safety 1st® Deluxe Healthcare & Grooming Kit - Pink - image 2 of 5

Safety 1st® Deluxe Healthcare & Grooming Kit - Pink - image 3 of 5

This items are a must for a new mommy as you will be using most of them on a daily basis and the last item mentioned in my video was clothing specifically body suits.

Sixth: Baby Clothing (body suits for comfort)

Image result for baby bodysuits

Image result for baby bodysuitsImage result for baby bodysuits

As you can see there are tons of options to everyones taste so enjoy on your journey of parenting! 😊
Hopefully this tips help you!


Best and Worst of Being a mom

Hello Mommy’s!

I am so glad you’re here reading this blog as its usually more extensive and thorough than the video I posted on Youtube. I know we all love our children very much, but it would be a lie if we didn’t acknowledged the fact that at times, its quite difficult to keep it together. I know that happens to me, more frequent than I’d like it.

There are several reasons why this may happen and though we treasure our little munchkins, they are hard work, who are we kidding, they are our Bosses for the first eh.. 18 YEARS?  Ha! I hope NOT!

fullsizeoutput_16f8Going back to topic.. for me one of the best rewards of being a mom has been the privilege the see her grow. To be there for every first word, her very first crawl, her lovely smile and her many mama calls out. She is my little treasure and I am SURE your kid is yours. But they are HARD WORK! Let  me tell ya, at least mine is.

She has so much energy that I am left at the end of the day with barely any energy and about to pass out on my couch. She loves to interact with people, to move around the house and touch just about anything that is to her reach ( and even if it’s not, she’ll make it reach her, hehe)

I never experience so much tiredness and lack of energy before **( my single, before mom days). I was usually very active and though I exercise I still feel tired most of the time.  Another negative  thing about being a mom is that I miss the days of freedom, my goodness it feels good to remember because they are long gone.

I used to be a very free spirit person and go with the flow, kinda the girl that wherever the wind took me, I went. Nowadays, that wind doesn’t come around my door, and its quite okay. I have my hands full with my little one who requires my full attention at all times, except if she’s sleeping. uff, thank goodness for sleeping time. ha!

Either way, I know its hard and those good old days are not coming back, but I am happy to let go of those times since I was gifted with a joyful child.

For you mom’s out there, I know it gets hard sometimes when daddy isn’t around or he is working to provide for the family. When in-laws get in the way of you raising your child, when budget is tight and you can’t stretch it more.. I know those days very well.. but you’re not alone. Most mom’s including your mom and mine went through the same thing at some point and they managed to raise us. We are strong creatures and we have the strength to move forward, to carry our weight, our children’s and sometimes even more.

Lets cheer for the extraordinary moms out there that are doing their very BEST! We deserve it.


Until next time.


Managing Time

Managing Time

Hello Friends!

I am thrilled to bring a little blog talking about something that although eats up my time, it also makes me proud. As mentioned in my video, which if you haven’t watched I Suggest you do… 😉 I am currently enrolled in full time school, on top of working almost a full time and being a mom/wife all at the same time.

How is it possible? The answer is managing time! Timing everything and doing to-do list and closely monitoring what you’ve done throughout the day definitely helps.

I have a strict schedule I have to follow every day, because my work hours are already set, I have to work around that and the time I spend with my daughter to study. Evenings are the best for me!

I love to put her to be and take the rest of the night for me go over my studies and feel much more accomplished.

Doing this type of schedule is not completely ideal since it will burnt you out at some point but if there is no other choice, its definitely doable.

I hope this short blog helps all the mom’s out there that are struggling to manage their time trying to achieve multiple things at the same time. Cheers for you!


How to Treat a baby rash

Hello Mommy’s out there!


So this post is aim more towards new mom’s who are freaking out because they see their baby might be developing a rash and don’t know what to do. I know for one that it’s scary but don’t  be alarmed.

As I suggested in my video, which the link is up at the top is two products that will save you! X5iRMEM+QDqYXJgtmegw8w

They are Organic Coconut Oil and Vaseline.
When I researched, everywhere it mentioned the same thing, and it was to keep it minimal, because you don’t want to irritate that part of the baby’s skin even more than what it already is.
The best thing is to put something that is completely organic and will help the rash heal faster.
The Coconut Oil acted as a barrier between her skin, the moist from her pee and the diaper.

Which was awesome!

Another tip is to leave the baby air dry and without a diaper for long periods of time. The more time her bum is out in fresh air the faster the redness and irritation will go away. Lastly, the major tip to get rid of the rash and to prevent future rashes is to constantly/frequently change the baby’s diaper after she pees and poops. When they are frequently changed their buttons remain dry.


I hope this information helps!
Until next time 🙂